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from Valerie Cox

We all listen to music and say, "That's my song!" But imagine if the song you were playing really was yours. Your story and your emotion in every single note and word. That's what a custom song is. I'd love to write one for you. It can be for you or you can gift it to someone for almost any occasion. When you give the gift of a custom song, you'll be showered with affection and appreciation for the unique and thoughtful keepsake. Be warned, the person who receives the song might even cry.

Custom songs can be done as acoustic demos with just one voice and one instrument for just $200, or a full band production with all the bells and whistles for $500. Check out some of my work to see what your song could sound like and contact me to find out how you can get your own custom song.

  $500 USD or more 



Valerie Cox Texas

Texas Singer-Songwriter and all around rockin' chick. With a song repertoire of over 1,000 songs, Val writes in just about every style including rock, blues, country, singer-songwriter, punk, RnB and a little of everything.

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