Legacy of a Broken Heart

by Valerie Cox

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released July 1, 2011

All songs written and performed by Valerie Cox.




Valerie Cox Texas

Texas Singer-Songwriter and all around rockin' chick. With a song repertoire of over 1,000 songs, Val writes in just about every style including rock, blues, country, singer-songwriter, punk, RnB and a little of everything.

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Track Name: Pull
A sudden break from the forward momentum
Shattering minds skin and bones
And not to even mention,
Breaking all these hearts and stones
Grabbing empty space
Where all these secrets lay
Pull me into you
Then push me so far away

Pull, pull, pull, pull me closer
Pretend I'm your only lover
Take me to the edge
Push me over the ledge
Pull, pull, pull, pull me nearer
Make me think I'm seeing clearer
Take me to the edge
Push me over the ledge

Your diamond shackles I gladly wear
Around my heart, my hands, and my head
I think you must really care
But come to find out you're just scared
You pull me to where I feel safe
Pull me, I'm a heartbeat away
Then rip it from my chest
Leave me in pain

Pull, pull...

How can you give me all these things to believe in
Knowing you're not ready to give in or to win
How can you pull me in so close and not want to keep it
How can you stay so remote if you really feel it

Pull, pull....
Track Name: Does She Know
She stopped me dead in my tracks
And attacked my emotions
Pierced my heart
With her darts
Pulled me into her ocean

I went down, down, down
Til I drowned, I drowned

Does she know, does she know, does she know, does she know
How she killed me?
Does she know, does she know
Does she know,
How she thrilled me, she thrilled me
Then she killed me

She made me think I could trust
Was it lust that undid me?
She made me show her my soul
Then she stole me completely

I went down, down, down
Until I drowned, I drowned

Does she know...

I went down, down, down
Until I drowned, I drowned

How do I come back to life
With my heart still in her vice
And does she even know that I....
Really died cause I was denied

Does she know...
Track Name: Did You Get What You Wanted
You know, you came on like white on rice and
You made think were all sugar and spice and
You said everything I wanted to hear and
You made me think that I had nothing to fear

So I gave you everything
You took my heart, and gave me nothing

Did you get what you wanted
Did you get what you wanted
I see that you're off and runnin'
So I guess you got what you wanted

You know you play me like a violin
In this game that I could never win
I'm not as cool you I not as I seem
I'm holding in my silent screams

I'm shaking and breaking everywhere
I'm losing it all but you don't care

Did you get what you wanted....

You took my body
And my soul
You took senses
And my control
Then threw in my face
How easily will I be replaced

Did you get what you wanted...
Track Name: Dying Over You
I feel the weight of the world on my chest
It's hard to breathe I can't get any rest
I'm dying, dying over you

I'm in a state of complete shut down
It's getting harder & harder to come back around
I'm dying, dying over you

Give me life
Breathe into me
Heal my body
I'm dying over you
Give me life
Come back to me
Please have mercy
I'm dying over you

My blood keeps spilling, and I'm feeling week
The world keeps spinning, I'm falling from the peak

Time and space don't mean nothing, anymore
I can't replace the life I've lost on your distance shore
I'm dying, dying over you

Give me life...
Track Name: Time Doesn't Matter
I found a picture of you baby
You're rockin' steady
I stare at you like I'm crazy
Cause I'm burning baby
Every second of everyday
No matter what you do or you don't say
I wish I could prove
I'm still thinking about you

Time doesn't matter
Words don't count and hearts won't heal
The line has been shattered
No one can change the way I feel
If you could see me now
You'd figure out
It's not the way it seems
Time doesn't matter
Only you can heal me

Life seemed to be so ordinary
Dark and dreary
You came to me now I see clearly
It's not temporary
Everything has changed
And we can never take that away
But I wouldn't want to
I'm still thinking about you (without you)

Time doesn't matter...

Search your soul
Tell me how you could bury me
Call it self-control
You know what you do to me
Denying the pain and the power
Won't change the truth
I know what I do to you
Cause I still feel it too

Yes I do

Time doesn't matter...
Track Name: What Did You Do To Me
Your picture's on the screen
I can almost hear you scream
You're done with talking to me
If you had no doubt
I can't figure out
Why you don't want me baby
Was the writing on the wall
When I let my whole heart fall
Now I'm the one living all alone
Don't you know
I can't go back

What did you do to me
I'm not who I used to be
I can't go back anymore
To the way I was before
What did you do to me
How'd you change my legacy
You struck to the core
Left me wanting more
What did you do to me

Your voice is in my ear
But you're not really here
You're lost and so damn angry
Shaking cause you're scared
The words left you too bare
And I truly sorry
I'm not the only one to blame
You wanted in this in this game
But I'm the one who's living all alone
I'm not like you
I can't go back to it

What did you do to me...

I don't change like the wind
I would be your longtime friend
But you cut me to quick
I'm stuck under a ton of bricks
That used be my wall

What did you do to me...